Cupid, Being StupidCupid, Being Stupid
1995-1999, oil on canvas, 10" x 8"
with custom integrated frame


him again 1 (detail)him again 1
1997, mixed media on burlap, 18" x 18"


Crush CupidCrush Cupid
1998, oil and wax mixed media on canvas, 8" diameter


Funkgold(Rilkean Heart)Funkgold
1999, wax, plastic, photo, 10" x 8"


him again 2(detail) him again 2
1998, mixed media, 10" x 8"
with custom integrated frame


menacing baby cupid surrounded by Roman numeral bone clockChronic Cupid
1997, oil and mixed media on canvas, 10" diameter



These were created in the years following some major incidents that I experienced within mere hours of each other on an election day, and while traditional observances of Dia de Los Muertos were also taking place. In order to sort out my feelings as I recovered, I delved more deeply into reading about the mythology of Eros, mischievous son of Venus, as well as the holiday celebrating our departed loved ones.  I learned that Cupid had been "cutefied" into a merely insipid baby by the Christian church. This led me to reading Til We Have Faces, written by C. S. Lewis, which includes the darker aspects of the story of Cupid and Psyche, for which I felt deeply appreciative.

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