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Cupid, Being StupidCupid, Being Stupid
1995-1999, oil on canvas, 10" x 8"
with custom integrated frame


him again 1 (detail)him again 1
1997, mixed media on burlap, 18" x 18"


Crush CupidCrush Cupid
1998, oil and wax mixed media on canvas, 8" diameter


Funkgold(Rilkean Heart)Funkgold
1999, wax, plastic, photo, 10" x 8"


him again 2(detail) him again 2
1998, mixed media, 10" x 8" with custom integrated frame
sale pending


Chronic CupidChronic Cupid
1997, oil and mixed media on canvas, 10" diameter



These cupids were done in the years following a few major incidents, which had occured within only hours of each other, during the evening of Dia de Los Muertos. In order to sort out my feelings while I was recovering, I moved beyond my studies of Dia de Los Muertos to the mythology of Eros, the mischevious son of Venus. I read on theories, such as how Cupid was "cutefied" during Victorian times. C. S. Lewis wrote an excellent book, Til We Have Faces, which does not leave out the darker aspects of the story of Cupid and Psyche. I apprecated that.

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