Deborah Howard-Page Caterpillar #1

fine art

paintings, mixed media, drawings, prints, gift items

Birds #7 is on display in a group exhibit:

"Love is a Rebellious Bird," at Mantra Wines & Gallery, 881 Grant Ave., Novato, CA

Curated by Gwenda Joyce, this show is in a beautifully designed space, perfect for enjoying what's on offer at Mantra Wines & Gallery and viewing many bird-themed artworks, until February 9, 2020

Plus some of my artworks will be showing at Dolci Salon, 1521 18th Street, San Francisco, 94107, by mid-February, 2020

Contact Buck for info. (415) 285-9255

My 2019 Open Studios was on ArtSpan's Weekend#3,

Sat. & Sun., Oct. 26 & 27, 2020

Visit my artist page by clicking on ArtSpan link below

Organized by ArtSpan, San Francisco OPEN STUDIOS occurs annually in autumn, during which time visitors can view examples of works by many participating artists at SOMArts Main Gallery

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Merchandise and gift items

See my stores at Cafe Press (new glass trinket tray!), Zazzle, Redbubble.  Items by VistaPrint can be printed with most of my images, such as

Various other versions of my original artworks printed on stretched canvas, metal, wood, or archival papers for $40 to $100

Affordable, hand-crafted inkjet copies of my art, which I have mounted and covered with wax encaustic, $60 to $80

Cafe Press sometimes has sales, too, and Redbubble offers discounts when ordering multiples of an item!

Orders are welcome

If you like a certain painting, ask us to print you an inkjet postcard-sized copy, and take it home to consider for a time. 

Or if an original artwork you like has sold, order its image as a pigment print (giclee) on high-quality paper—or even onto stretched canvas, wood, or metal. 

Alternatively, I can mount it onto a similarly-sized panel and apply a clear beeswax encaustic layer over it.

Place your order by listing item(s), color(s), size(s), quantity, etc. in an e-mail (please enter "MERCH order" in the subject line).  I will get back to you with a quote as soon as I can.  The cost of packing and shipping will be added after it is calculated, based on current postal service or UPS charges, plus California sales tax, when applicable. 

At this time, I can take order payments with cash, Paypal, Venmo, a certified check, or money transfer. 

Commissions welcome

Use your own photograph, such as a portrait of your loved one(s), people and/or pets, and e-mail me to discuss a quote at