Deborah Howard-PageCaterpillar #1

Fine art

Image: Caterpillar #1 (Monarch), beeswax, oil, mixed media on panel, 3 by 2 inches  


February, 2020 - July, 2020: Artworks and fine prints at Dolci Salon in San Francisco

November 2019 - February, 2020: Birds #7 at Mantra Wines & Gallery, Novato, CA, in a group exhibit  "Love is a Rebellious Bird," curated by artist coach The Art Ambassador Gwenda Joyce

October, 2019: ArtSpan organizes art events throughout the year, and for decades has held its traditional, city-wide San Francisco OPEN STUDIOS annually, over several weekends in the autumn. During that time examples by many participating artists may be viewed at SomArts Main Gallery, where a free art guide with maps can be picked up before going to visit the studios of one's choice. When the COVID-19 pandemic caused us all to quarantine in 2020, ArtSpan successfully launched an online version.

Please visit my ArtSpan artist page at any time!


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merch. (gifts, etc.)

Shop for P.O.D. "print-on-demand" items with my images at Zazzle --Woodpecker puzzle or Mouse puzzle in its own box; glass key and trinket tray, or square key and trinket tray; lots of other stuff at Redbubble and Cafe Press. (Printful claims they offer more sustainable products, so I am building a shop there, after reading a blog on such concerns and trends.)

Most of the above is P.O.D./made to order, although I also have a small inventory on offer during Open Studios.

Additionally, I mount high quality inkjet copies of my sold artworks onto wood panels, covering them with a layer of clear encaustic wax, and adding touches of oil and/or mixed media over top, so that each one is unique.

And many of my images can be printed onto other substrates: canvas, metal, wood, archival paper, via the above P.O.D. links.

orders and commissions

Undecided? Try a free inkjet postcard-sized copy of my artwork to try out at home, postage paid!

If you order from one of my P.O.D. shops, simply select what you want and place your order with them online. 

When ordering directly from me, please enter "ART ORDER" in your e-mail subject line.

In your message, please provide

  1. your name
  2. your contact information (address and phone)
  3. describe item(s) you wish to order from the above list (product, style)
  4. product color(s) for each item (i.e. T-shirt)
  5. size(s) for each item
  6. how many of each item

so that I can reply with a quote, including packing and shipping based on current charges—plus California sales tax, if applicable. 


Send me an image for a portrait. Please e-mail me your image, plus a size you want the portrait to be. I'll reply with your estimate.


E-mail (please copy and paste)

Payments accepted via money transfer, certified check, PayPal, or Venmo; cash is welcome for purchases made during Open Studios.

Thank you for your interest