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garden variety series (encaustic mixed media)

Bird #13My current series "Garden Variety" depicts birds, nests, butterflies, and bees, painted in oils over wax and various materials. Pictured here is Bird #13 from my latest works. See more.


Bird #1 & Birdhouse (Garden Variety series) Here's another work from "Garden Variety", Bird #1 & Bird House. The original sold, but its main image of the bird is still available printed onto cards and other items.


ghost works (encaustic mixed media)

Ghost Bird #2 "Ghost Dog" and "Ghost Bird" small artworks.

See more.


celtic wax mixed media

Tiny Petal Faery 3Mostly small to medium-sized abstracts, celtic knots, and nature-based mixed-media works of beeswax encaustic, with cold wax, natural and found objects, and oil (themes: faeries, nature, symbols). See more.



Cupid, Being Stupid "Stupid Cute Cupid" series; older, mostly small to medium-sized oil and mixed media paintings. See more.


miscellaneous works

Egg Study #5 Early acrylic paintings of babies and/or skeletons underwater, followed by oil or mixed media still-life paintings, like the one shown here, or traditional. See more.



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